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    • Migraine Headache Treatment - Allopathic & Natural Migraine Treatment anything that is not a part of your normal routine, if you have this medical condition it is ideal to probe deeper into your problem, monitor the irritants causing migraine headache and avoid them as much as possible along with pursing proper migraine treatment. Genetic Migraine Headache... By Vijay Kumar

    • Migraine Drug That Cuts Frequency And Duration Of Attacks Hailed As 'Incredibly Important Step Forward'

      Migraine Drug That Cuts Frequency And Duration Of Attacks Hailed As 'Incredibly Important Step...

      Migraines are far more than headaches and can be debilitating to those who suffer them regularly,... By Rachel Moss

    • Natural And Chemical Free Treatment For Migraine

      Is migraine causing lot of trouble in your life? Visit HeadachefreeIndia and get world class organic and natural remedies for severe headache problems caused due to migraine. Say goodbye to medicines and explore the magical powers ofNatural therapy for headache.We use the natural plant extracts from... By Himanshu Bhatnagar

    • 7 Questions You Should Ask Your Mom About Her Health ASAPHEALTHY-LIVING

      7 Questions You Should Ask Your Mom About Her Health ASAP

      When it comes to assessing your risk for a variety of health conditions and diseases, your parents... By Fiona Tapp

    • Heading a Talk About Headaches:

      Dr. Isha Gupta is a neurologist and my valued colleague at IGEA Brain & Spine. Q. Tell me, what are some of the more common types of headaches? A.Though there are150 different types of headaches, the most common include tension-type headaches, migraines and medication-overuse headaches (MOH). By Dr. Adam Lipson

    • Migraine Symptoms: Know Them In Details And Prepare Yourself To Combat It!

      Though, as per reports from various medical organisations, it has been found that symptoms of migraine differ from person to person; there are certain specific symptoms that are common for every person. Hence, it is imperative that you keep a track of these symptoms and prepare yourself to combat it... By Anas Baig

    • An Ayurvedic Guide to Treating and Preventing Headaches

      In general, vata dosha is going to be the problem child for headaches, but it’s important to diagnose whether it’s a vata headache, a pitta headache, a kapha headache or some combination therein. Here, Trotter offers some suggestions for diagnosing, treating, and preventing headaches the Ayurvedic... By Yoga Journal

    • Lyme Loonies, Part 1: When People With Lyme Disease Are Crazy

      Within five years, I couldn’t be in a room with strangers without going into a panic. I had always been a night owl, but I began to wake up at 5:00 a.m. on weekends so that I could go to the grocery store before the crowds arrived. By David Michael Conner

    • 12 Surprising Health Benefits of Massage Therapy

      Sure, lying in a tranquil room in a relaxed atmosphere on massage table with the lights dimmed, candles lit in the background and the essence of lavender piercing through the warm air sounds like the perfect way to end the day on a good note, however, the purpose of massages is not just for... By Stacey Chillemi

    • Lori’s Stroke Required Help From Doctors An Hour Away. Telemedicine Provided It.

      Editor’s note: Our previous stories thisAmerican Stroke Monthfeatured warning signsheededandmissed. Today we shift gears to showcase a textbook response to a stroke, including the crucial role of telestroke, a way for experts at another facility to help care for a patient via a webcam-type... By Nancy Brown